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NameDaniel MckenzieDaniel McKenzie

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Daniel McKenzie

ダニエル マッケンジー

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Daniel McKenzieダニエル マッケンジー
HairBlack, Dreadlocks, Multicolored, White
BodyDark, Giant
ClothesBelt, Necklace, Sunglasses, Tank Top, Vest
PersonalityBlunt, Cruel, Food Lover, Holds Grudges, Short-tempered, Violent
RoleCriminal, Cyborg, Gang Leader, Superstrength, Villain
Engages inMurder, Unarmed Fighting
Visual novelsSide character - RE:D Cherish!
Side character - RE:D Cherish! -Eternity Blood-
Voiced byKazu Hajime


Leader of group of gangsters specialized in illegal activities and crimes. He is debtholder of Unica.