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Inazuma Kazuya

Inazuma Kazuya
ClothesBlazer School Uniform, Jeans, T-shirt, Watch
PersonalityKind, Relaxed
Engages inAthletics
Subject ofGuilt
Visual novelsProtagonist - La Mémoire


An infamous transfer student known for his cool, composed, yet kind attitude. Everyone also knows him as someone who is ‘not so good academically, but godly in physical activities’, something proved by how many sports clubs are begging him to join them or be a temporary member for a tournament, to which Kazuya gladly helps. It can’t be helped that Kazuya is in the list of popular boys to go out with by the girls in the school. However, the small things they know regarding how Kazuya lost his mother and best friend so suddenly tosses Kazuya into a pit of guilt. Regardless, he came back to Ringo City to make peace with himself without knowing he’d meet his supposedly dead childhood friend, Risu, once again.

[Taken from Kickstarter]