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Added Kon Mizhizaki traits

Personality / Cruel (major spoiler)
Personality / Pragmatic (no spoiler)
Personality / Relaxed (no spoiler)
Personality / Smart (no spoiler)
Role / Coroner (minor spoiler)
Role / Engineer (no spoiler)
Role / Serial Killer (major spoiler)

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Kon Michizaki

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Kon Michizaki
PersonalityPragmatic, Relaxed, Smart
Visual novelsMain character - Shepherd's Game


A sturdily built young man who works as a freelance engineer. He is smart, calm, and very pragmatic. As one of three adults among the group, and it's oldest member, he believes it is his duty to protect the kids and find a way to get them back home safe and sound. Unfortunately, he also has a slight tendency to be somewhat cold and manipulative at times.