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Abel Moreau

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Abel MoreauSafe / Tame (13)
Abel Moreau
HairBlond, Dyed
BodyDark, Kid, Younger Appearance
ClothesFormal Shirt, Kemonomimi Hat, Knee-high Socks, Loafers, Necktie, Shorts, Sweater
PersonalityKind, Opposite Gender Voiced
RoleAmerican, Asexual, French, Friend, Heir, Middle School Student, Multilingual, Orphan, Pet Owner, Wealthy
Engages inInvestigation
Subject ofAmnesia, Memory Alteration, Time Loop
Visual novelsMain character - Entropic Float: This World Will Decay and Disappear
Voiced byMs. Latrice "Dunique" Young


A boy of sophisticated heredity who tries his best not to behave like a wealthy jerk. Caught between the worlds of being raised as the 'perfect heir', wanting to be a kind person, and wanting to hold onto his his childhood interests.