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c10466.112020-05-11 at 15:03naiohorasAino Thea Couvreuraliases
c10466.102018-11-23 at 14:22gregoryAino Thea CouvreurThe trait foreigner can only be used if their country is not known
c10466.92018-10-02 at 12:19youthsingAino Thea CouvreurAdd birthday and blood type
c10466.82015-07-08 at 17:45traumatizerAino Thea Couvreurh-scene traits & couple non
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c10466.32012-12-29 at 07:38binfujiwaraAino Thea Couvreurmoving all the characters from the stocking trait (+ more traits) I didn't see her wearing stockings at any part of the game, so I just removed that
c10466.22012-12-20 at 07:30earthwormAino Thea Couvreurtraits
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