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Akune Miku

悪音 ミク

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Akune MikuSafe / Tame (14)
Akune Miku悪音 ミク
Aliasesミンキークリィミーペルっ子マジカルパステルファンシースイートプリティキューティーナースリリカルさくら十三世りゅん, Minky Creamy Perkko Magical Pastel Fancy Sweet Pretty Cutie Nurse Lyrical Sakura 13th Ryun
BodyOverweight, Short
PersonalityArrogant, Pervert, Sly, Smart, Vindictive
RoleDemon, Extraterrestrial, Magician, Villain
Engages inAttempted Murder, Hypnotism, Planning
Subject ofDeath in Battle


A demon with the name of terrible length, that was accidentally summoned by Elena from the magic circle and became a thorn in the side of the Arcadare family, Mamoru and even Rain.