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HairGradient Colored Hair, Pink, White
ClothesMask, Multiple Earrings
PersonalityProtective, Smart
RoleAlchemist, Historian
Visual novelsSide character - The Divine Speaker
Voiced byJack Hawkins


Strengths - Skilled in alchemy, book smart, picks up new skills easily
Weaknesses - Not physically strong, overly protective

Titus is a skilled alchemist and historian, amongst his many other talents. He's a scholar and student first and foremost, and learns from the best - his Master and uncle, Zarryn!

A stickler for upholding rules, he has a soft side for those he likes, but hates to be treated like a child.

He doesn't like Illran. At all. Veras, however, he idolizes.

[From the developer's official Twitter]