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Lieutenant General Saejima

冴島 陸将

Lieutenant General Saejima冴島 陸将
HairBalding, Grey
BodyOld, Pale, Slim
ClothesFlat Cap, Glasses, Military Boots, Military Uniform
PersonalityAmbitious, Cold-hearted, Cruel
Visual novelsSide character - Yuzuriha no Uta -Inouryoku Soshiki Hanzai Taisaku Bu: Tokushu Kidoutai Dai Ni Ka-


The commander of the first division of Ground Self-Defence Forces, affiliated with the General Defense Ministry. He is a man in his mid-fifties and a subordinate of Minister Sugawara. His abilities are highly regarded as a result of his efforts to rebuild the Self-Defense Forces following previous turbulence caused by a coup d'état raised by one of the organization's academies.

Saejima feels, that Special Powers are dangerous, and discriminate against them. He is a member of Radical Faction, which opposes Director Gotou's Moderate Faction. He is unfriendly to Special Riot Police officers, who are mild in their treatment of Special Holders' criminals. A ruthless man who will go to any length to achieve his objectives. Many of his subordinates, who share his ideals, have a deep respect for him.

The rate of organized crime among Special Holders has been rising, and it was hard to combat it with only Home Ministry forces. As a result, the Self-Defense Forces have the authority to preserve the country's public order. Being the one in charge of Ground Self-Defense Forces, defending the outskirts of the capital, he is calling for an expansion of military armaments.

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