Edit history of Lieutenant General Saejima

c108432.102022-05-15 at 16:02testerLieutenant General SaejimaFix.
c108432.92022-05-14 at 23:09testerLieutenant General SaejimaHair.
c108432.82022-05-14 at 20:00testerLieutenant General Saejima+Role.
c108432.72022-05-14 at 19:58testerLieutenant General SaejimaSkin color.
c108432.62022-05-14 at 13:38testerLieutenant General Saejima+ The last link.
c108432.52022-05-14 at 13:29testerLieutenant General SaejimaImage size sync.
c108432.42022-05-14 at 12:46testerLieutenant General SaejimaFix.
c108432.32022-05-14 at 12:38testerLieutenant General Saejima+ Link. Also, changed translation of "長官" due to the context.
c108432.22022-05-14 at 12:07testerLieutenant General SaejimaDescription. Used grammar check AI and sometimes paraphrasing AI as an experiment. I don't very sure about "防衛総省" correct translation, since it is
c108432.12022-05-14 at 11:24testerLieutenant General SaejimaNew character. Rank translation according to this.