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Minister Sugawara

管原 長官

Minister Sugawara管原 長官
HairBeard, Short
BodyAdult, Pale
ClothesCourt Shoes, Suit
Visual novelsSide character - Yuzuriha no Uta -Inouryoku Soshiki Hanzai Taisaku Bu: Tokushu Kidoutai Dai Ni Ka-


The General Defense Minister. He oversees the General Defense Ministry's functions, including national defense, internal disaster relief, and command of the Self-Defense Forces. He is about fifty years old. His abilities are highly regarded as a result of his efforts to rebuild the Self-Defense Forces following previous turbulence caused by a coup d'état raised by one of the organization's academies.

Sugawara has known the protagonist's superior, Director Gotou, for a long time. At the same time, he is his friend. He is a person who gets along well with the Special Riot Police officers, who have a lot of disagreements with the Self-Defense Forces over how to deal with organized crime among Special Holders. Repeatedly intervene in subordinates, who sees the protagonist and his division as rivals, and admonishes them.

The rate of organized crime among Special Holders has been rising, and it was hard to combat it with only Home Ministry forces. As a result, Ground Self-Defense Forces got more influence. Sugawara is concerned about dealing with its first division commander, Lieutenant General Saejima. While he has high hopes for the protagonist's and his division's activities, his heart, like Gotou's, can not stop skipping beats.

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