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Suou Yamato

蘇芳 大和

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Suou Yamato蘇芳 大和AB
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm, Weight: 57kg
Birthday25 April
HairBlue, Short
BodyPale, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Coat, Gloves, Necktie, Shirt, Trousers
PersonalityCold-hearted, Reserved, Serious, Stoic
RolePopular, Teacher
Engages inSadism
Visual novelsSide character - Gekka Ryouran Romance
Voiced bySakurai Takahiro


A mathematics teacher at Hakuou Academy, Yamato is well-known and feared amongst his students for his cold, strict and highly sadistic nature, as well as the rumours surrounding him "punishing" students. In fact, he is so feared that even the Kano brothers dare to not seriously cross him. Despite his reputation, Yamato is very popular amongst the female students for his good looks- often described as "pretty" or "beautiful". He is also known to "reward" high-achieving students, but what exactly the "rewards" pertain is not certain.