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Original name女木鬼姫(めぎおにひめ)女木鬼姫

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Megi Onihime


Megi Onihime女木鬼姫
BodyBig Breasts
Visual novelsMain character - Shikokushi Special DX ~Shuchi Niku Udon Senki~


Loli Grandma (with big breasts) with Sanuki dialect.
She was appointed as Vice Governor by Urashima Jirou just because she's cute.
Born in the Oninashi district of Takamatsu city.
There is a folklore that the demon was subdued by Momotaro in the Oninashi district, Megi is a descendant of the surviving demon.
Contrary to her appearance, she seems to be over 200 years old.
While advising to Urashima, who has no common sense, as a deputy governor, she is also an ambitious person aiming to unify Shikoku.
Her main business is the chief priest of the "Udon Temple", and she always carries a huge rolling pin on her back.
She makes Urashima eat Udon everyday, so Urashima is tired of it.
Her hobby is eating, which she eats so much that she can be mistaken for a food fighter.
Her taste in enjoying food is better than Urashima's and never loses to him, every food that looks yummy to her, there is always a reason for her to eat all of them.
Her other hobbies include frugality, bonsai,etc and sightseeing.