Edit history of Mom

c111153.152022-07-13 at 01:37KEVINNGW808MomAdd traits.
c111153.142022-06-26 at 15:08anfbMom+2
c111153.132022-06-25 at 13:47anfbMom+4
c111153.122022-06-25 at 13:18anfbMom+2
c111153.112022-06-25 at 11:50NaioHorasMomwait, what
c111153.102022-06-25 at 11:50NaioHorasMom+1
c111153.92022-06-25 at 11:49anfbMom4 tag
c111153.82022-06-24 at 05:33KEVINNGW808MomTraits.
c111153.72022-06-24 at 03:39KEVINNGW808MomAgain, traits.
c111153.62022-06-24 at 03:36KEVINNGW808MomAdd traits.
c111153.52022-06-24 at 00:40KEVINNGW808MomDamn, you accidently make this gone.
c111153.42022-06-24 at 00:37NaioHorasMomwhat's the point of adding specific release role when there is only one release...
c111153.32022-06-24 at 00:15KEVINNGW808MomAdd more traits.
c111153.22022-06-24 at 00:10NaioHorasMom- either translate a character's title or not - don't add redundant info - don't forget to add sex
c111153.12022-06-24 at 00:06KEVINNGW808Oka-sanAdd Character.