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Kanno Yuki

管乃 雪

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Kanno Yuki管乃 雪A
Aliases管乃 ゆき
MeasurementsHeight: 145cm, Weight: 38kg
Birthday24 May
HairBlunt Bangs, Brown, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Twin Tails
EyesBlue, One-eyed, Tareme
BodyFlat Chest, Kid, Pale, Short (obsolete), Slim
ClothesHair Tie, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Sweater
PersonalityShy, Violent, Watashi, Yangire
RoleFifth Grader, Ghost, Villain
Engages inMurder, Torture
Subject ofEye Removal, Homicide, Kidnapping, Pre-Story Death
Visual novelsSide character - Corpse Party -The Anthology- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yuugi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
Makes an appearance - Corpse Party: BloodDrive
Side character - Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
Voiced byIgarashi Hiromi
Igarashi Hiromi (PSP/3DS/iOS ver.)
Koharu Hiyori (PC ver.)


Age: 11 (at the time of her death)

One of the three main ghosts who roam Heavenly Host and the third victim of the murder case that took place in it. Her death was caused by repeated stabs in the left eye with a pair of scissors, reducing it to mush, and the subsequent removal of her tongue. She usually kills her victims in the same way she was killed, sometimes even playing with them and locking them in rooms where she can kill them without being disturbed.

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