Enrico Moretti

Enrico Moretti
Enrico Moretti 
Hair, Blond, Short, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Blue
Body, Pale, Teen
Clothes, Bandages, Hoodie, Jeans, Pendant Necklace, School Uniform, Shirt, T-shirt, Watch
Items, Handgun
Personality, Jealous, Rude, Short-tempered, Stubborn, Violent
Role, Bad Student, Boyfriend, Criminal, Delinquent, High School Student, School Gang Leader, Schoolmate, Son, Student
Engages in, Investigation, Kidnapping, Self-sacrifice, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Coma, Disappearance, Hospitalization, Other Route Death, Possession
Visual novelsMain character - Doppelgänger: Dawn of the Inverted Souls


Enrico (commonly known as Rico for short) is a feared delinquent, gang member and student of Valudeto High. Just like most delinquents, Rico has his fair share of enemies, one of them being Yuri Ivanov of Garnaster High whom he often gets in a fight with.

As if his reputation wasn't bad enough, Rico seems to be dating one of the most well-known bullies of Valudeto High, Anastasia Brunell. Though at the current moment, their relationship is a little bit rough on the edges.

Rico soon becomes one of the first victims of the mysterious disappearances occurring within the city. He then appears in front of Lucia, seeking for help, claiming that no one other than her can see him.