Arthur Nicol

Arthur Nicol
Arthur Nicol 
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Parted in Middle, Short, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Cyan, Tsurime
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform, T-shirt
Personality, Carefree, Puffy
Role, Full Brother, Gamer, Middle School Student, Son, Student, Younger Brother
Engages in, Computering
Visual novelsSide character - Doppelgänger: Dawn of the Inverted Souls


Arthur (14) is Lucia's younger brother whose hobbies include: gaming and visiting message boards on a regular basis. Due to his rather peculiar hobby, he is well-versed in the current happenings around the city, as well as the rumors that are starting to develop as a result from these strange occurrences.

Unlike most brother and sister relationships which are strongly resemblant of a cat-dog relationship, Arthur's relationship with Lucia is a tamed one, as they seem to be willing to cater to each other's needs.