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AliasesApostle, Shito, 使徒, That Akehoshi
PersonalityFriendly, Kind
RoleFriend, Husband, Idol, Son
Subject ofArrest, Confinement, Frameup, Illness, Pre-Story Death


The deceased father of Subaru Akehoshi. Akehoshi was considered to be one of the Top Idols to have graduated from Yumenosaki, along with Seiya Hidaka. He is also known as Apostle (使徒, Shito) because he was one of Godfather's three confidants, as well as That Akehoshi throughout the story. His name used to be taboo after the Tragedy of That Akehoshi, which made a lot characters refer to him as That Akehoshi instead of his given name, which has not been revealed thus far. He died surrounded by scandal, which caused Subaru and his mother to be scorned.

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