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AisaSafe / Tame (15)
BodyBig Breasts, Genital Piercing, Nipple Piercing
ClothesCrotchless Panties, Exposed, Gyaru, Slave Collar
Engages inPig Cosplay
Subject ofNetorare (they are the stolen SO)
Visual novelsMain character - Kimomen demo Kyokon nara Gakuen no Bakunyuu Collection Shite Haramase Onaho Harem o Tsukureru!
Voiced byKazuki Saya


Idol of the school.
She is beautiful, cheerful, and popular at the school. She has a great style and is active as a model. Contrary to her appearance, she is a good girl with a pure heart.
She is in a pure relationship with her childhood friend.
She is in love with her boyfriend because he is a very honest individual and cares about her.

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