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Aliases酒呑童子, Shuten Douji
MeasurementsHeight: 187cm
Birthday27 February
HairBlond, Curtained, Parted to Side, Shoulder-length, Wavy
EyesBlue, Hosome, Tsurime
BodyHumanoid (Non-human), Pale, Young-adult, Younger Appearance
ClothesBaggy Pants, Forward Knot Obi, Hakama, Horns, Kimono, Loose, Tabi
PersonalityArchaic Dialect, Cat Person, Cruel
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, Demon, Oni, Sadist
Engages inDancing, Henshin, Seduction
Visual novelsMain character - Ikemen Genjiden Ayakashi Koi Enishi
Voiced bySuwabe Jun'ichi


The leader of demons that live for approximately 1,200 years.

As a demon, he feels an instinctive pleasure in tormenting people. Therefore, he likes to befriend, seduce and corrupt humans. He has a close relationship with Yasuchika and Yasuchika, and secretly visits the Imperial Court in his child-like form. He is 187.5cm tall.

Organization: Imperial Court
Interests: Playing games that need thinking such as Go and chess, and loving cats

[From the website character profile.]