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Hirose Ayato

広瀬 彩人

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Hirose Ayato広瀬 彩人
Aliasesあー君 , A-kun, ひー君, Hi-kun, あっ君, Ak-kun
BodyKid, Slim
PersonalityFriendly, Hard Worker, Honest, Kind, Mature
RoleNameable, Popular, Son
Visual novelsProtagonist - Bunny's Mama Daikou Service


Ayato is a second-year student at Okuba Academy.
His mother passed away when he was a child since then he lives with his father.
In order to support his busy father, he is in charge of housework and meals.
Ayato sees his neighbor Rinko as an ideal mother figure and secretly gets the urge to get spoiled by her.

Because of his young and androgynous appearance, he is loved and adored by men and women of all ages.
However, Ayato was always a little concerned about that.

[Translated from amazon]