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SexUnknown or N/AFemale

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Jodohama Kana

浄土浜 伽奈

Jodohama Kana浄土浜 伽奈
HairGreen, Long
BodyHuge Breasts
Visual novelsMain character - Bunny's Mama Daikou Service


She is the president of Bunny's Mama Daikou Service.
If the company is shorthanded, she usually goes out and does the "mama service" by herself.
At first glance, she seems cool and unapproachable, but she is soft-spoken and understanding of many things.
Although she can handle household chores, but because of her perfectionism she prefers to ask people who are better than her to teach her.
Kana has no children, and her husband works overseas and rarely comes back, so she lives alone most of the time.

[Translated from getchu]