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HairGrey, Parted to Side, Short, Spiky, Stubble, White
EyesAmber, Hosome
BodyFang, Muscular, Olive, Pointed Ears, Young-adult
ClothesNecktie, Suit
ItemsBrass Knuckles, Cigarette, Knife
PersonalityIdiot, Lazy, No Sense of Direction, Pretending, Relaxed
RoleDriver, Italian, Superhuman, Werewolf, Wolf
Engages inDrinking, Driving, Fighting, Shapeshifting, Smoking, Unarmed Fighting
Visual novelsProtagonist - Gekkou no Carnevale
Voiced byKouyama Michinobu


A cool and lax protagonist. He’s an idiot when it comes to locations, never knowing the correct way to go. Knows a lot of stuff that normal people wouldn’t know.

Romeo is a slack taxi driver who absolutely stinks at going around the city with his taxi. Or that’s what he looks like from the outside. But the truth is, he’s a runaway werewolf from the Oruma Rossa, the only remaining werewolf clan. He lives together with Anna, an antique doll he picked up from the dump after he left the Oruma Rossa. But Oruma Rossa do not feel like ignoring Romeo any longer and the Luparia (Anti werewolf force) is moving behind in the shadows. Romeo will find himself surrounded by both new and old foes.

[Edited from a review by Accany]