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Aiura Ichika

藍浦 一千花

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Aiura IchikaSafe / Tame (14)
Aiura Ichika藍浦 一千花AB
MeasurementsHeight: 161cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 84-56-83cm, D cup
Birthday15 December
HairBlack, Long, Sidehair
BodyBig Breasts
ClothesBlindfold, Gym Shorts, Kemonomimi Headband, One Piece Swimsuit, School Uniform
PersonalityConfident, Cruel, Manipulative, Pragmatic, Selfish, Sly, Smart
RoleHigh School Student, Rival, Senpai, Student Council Vice President
Engages inCosplay, Teasing
Visual novelsMain character - "Kareshi Inai Reki = Nenrei" Ja, Doushite Ikenai no yo!? ~Sei Torea Gakuen Ren'ai Kinshi Rei~
Voiced bySugihara Matsuri


The student vice president. Is self proclaim S that believes others should follower her orders. Is rumor she has dirt/black mail on half the students/teachers. Doesn't get along with student president while similar selfish views as her, sees her as buffoon that can't help but poke fun of all her mistake/short comings. Despite taking pleasure in making others suffering doesn't have same feelings to those who don't deserve punishment.