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HairBlue, Long
BodyGenital Piercing, Huge Breasts, Nipple Piercing, Septum Ring
ClothesApron, Collar
RoleMother, Wife
Engages inCow Cosplay, Infidelity
Visual novelsMain character - Kachiki na Kyonyuu Tomo Haha o Nakadashi Haramase Onaho ni! ~ Mucchiri, Dotapun! Ure Niku Tappuri Rinko Mama o Mushaburi Ajiwai Tsukusu!~
Voiced byKirishima Haruna


The ideal mother who possesses both a protective sisterly nature and the nurturing capacity of a mother. She can be scary when she gets angry, but it's all out of concern for her son and his friend - you. Despite her strong-willed personality, she has a feminine, plump figure with large breasts and hips.