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Tsutsumi Tetsuo

津詰 徹生

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Tsutsumi TetsuoSafe / Tame (14)
Tsutsumi Tetsuo津詰 徹生O
Birthday22 June
HairBeard, Grey, Short, Sideburns, Slicked Back, Straight
BodyAdult, Low Alcohol Tolerance, Pale
ClothesBlazer, Formal Shirt, Necktie, Suit, Sunglasses
PersonalityBrave, Confident, Family Oriented, Grumbler, Honest, Honorable, Incorruptible, Insightful, Ore, Smart, Stoic, Strict, Sweets Lover, Workaholic
RoleDetective, Divorcee, Father, Police
Engages inInterrogation, Investigation
Subject ofCurse
Visual novelsProtagonist - PARANORMASIGHT FILE23: Honjo Nanafushigi


Sex: Male
Occupation: Chief Inspector
Curse Echo: The Evergreen Beech

The gruff police detective that Shogo Okiie met at Midoricho Park.
Tetsuo is a veteran detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, First Investigative Division.
He was possessed by the Evergreen Beech curse echo while investigating the Former Yasuda Gardens.
Previously a member of the secret Paranormal Affairs Bureau within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Security Division, he makes use of this experience to investigate the ongoing large-scale curse incident with his partner, Jun Erio.
* * *
Rather than sitting behind a desk, Chief Inspector Tsutsumi always worked in the field as he moved his way up the police force. Behind his stern face lies a compassionate man ever prepared to help his fellow officers. That same attentiveness to his work and colleagues, however, cost Tetsuo his marriage several years ago.
Tetsuo has a penchant for candy and desserts, which he tries (but fails) to conceal from other officers at the risk of of appearing soft. He delights in buying local sweets wherever he is sent to investigate a case and would often volunteer to be dispatched to distant locations to acquire them while he was with the Paranormal Affairs Bureau. He is also surprisingly knowledgeable about current trends, a trait he puts down to investigation related research, but which is actually spurred by his with to have something to discuss with his daughter.

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