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Guest Character in 3 along with Leni in episode 9.
Selectable Heroine in 4.
Visual novelsv1358 Main character (no spoiler)

v1358 Main character (no spoiler)
v2888 Makes an appearance (no spoiler)
v3890 Main character (no spoiler)

Soletta Orihime


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Soletta Orihimeソレッタ・織姫B
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 47kg
Birthday7 July
RoleActor, Half-Japanese, Italian
Visual novelsMain character - Sakura Taisen 2 ~Kimi, Shinitamou koto Nakare~
Makes an appearance - Sakura Taisen 3 ~Paris wa Moeteiru ka~
Main character - Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koiseyo Otome~
Voiced byOkamoto Maya


An extremely beautiful Italian-Japanese girl with a thick Italian accent, exceptionally talented actress and former member of Hoshigumi with a strong spiritual power. Dislike Japanese men more than anything.