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Sakurai Ruka

桜井 琉夏

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Sakurai Ruka桜井 琉夏O
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm, Weight: 64kg
Birthday1 July
HairBlond, Eye Covering, Shoulder-length
BodyPale, Teen
ClothesPendant Earrings, Tank Top
PersonalityAbsentminded, Carefree, Food Lover, Nature Lover, Smart
RoleChildhood Friend, Delinquent, High School Student, Living Alone, Part-time Worker, Younger Brother
Engages inUnarmed Fighting
Visual novelsMain character - Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story
Voiced bySugita Tomokazu


- Looks like a bad boy, but is he really a bad boy?
- Everyone knows that there is something unusual about him. Nevertheless he is liked by everyone.
- Doesn't go to classes sometimes.
- Likes tall places.
- Works in a florist.
- Likes the 'natural world', and is a sucker for animals and sweet things (pancakes are his favorite).
- Lives in a beach shack with his brother, Kouichi.

[From 26 Hours and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Wiki]