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c12819.102017-07-20 at 16:12shinnewAccelaThat's written in the first line of her description on the official website, that's not a spoiler at all. Reverted to revision c12819.8
c12819.92017-07-20 at 12:01thyriadAccelamajor spoiler robot, thx i wont read it now
c12819.82016-12-20 at 01:25stickyfingersAccelasex traits
c12819.72015-01-21 at 07:07multiAccelaRemoving deleted traits.
c12819.62014-11-05 at 23:29arhaAccelaDoo doo doo
c12819.52014-05-18 at 09:52wilddrawAccelaedit heroine's name
c12819.42014-01-27 at 19:22ds1150Akuseranovels
c12819.32014-01-27 at 19:13ds1150Akuseraimage, traits
c12819.22013-12-13 at 11:41girlplayerAkuseraalias
c12819.12013-06-21 at 21:37remedilAkuseraCharacter added.