Onoda Chiyomi

小野田 千代美

Onoda Chiyomi
Onoda Chiyomi小野田 千代美 B
MeasurementsHeight: 149cm
Birthday20 June
Hair, Ponytail, Short, Violet
Eyes, Blue
Body, AA Cup, Average Height, Teen
Clothes, Glasses, Skirt
Personality, Friendly
Role, Rival, Student Council Member
Visual novelsSide character - Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss
Voiced byKozakura Etsuko


Chiyomi is a member of the student council. Like Itaru she is a constant rule abider but also, like Itaru, she is also very friendly at heart. Chiyomi also loves animals and likes collecting small figurines of them. She is in love with Itaru and if the player is also going for his ending she can become a rival in love for his affections.

[from TVTropes]