Hair, Brown, Eye Covering, Orange, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Violet
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Belt, Bracelet, Shawl, T-shirt
Personality, Hardworker, Honorable, Siscon
Role, King, Older Brother, Warrior
Engages in, Fighting, Swordsmanship
Visual novelsMain character - Tears to Tiara
Main character - Tears to Tiara Gaiden -Avalon no Nazo-
Voiced byIshii Makoto (PS3)


Arthur is Riannon's older brother and he's very good at sewing, a fact that astonished the House Elves in Avalon Castle. He has the honor as the First Warrior of the Gael Tribe. He is a direct descendant of Elf-King Pwyll, and resembles him in his appearance as well although Limwris the House Elf has some trouble recognizing him as King Pwyll's descendant due to the sudden shock of Arawn coming back to the castle.

He was led by Arawn to walk the Way of the King. He was also known as the 'small king'. He was Arawn's friend and stayed with him until the war ends.

The Japanese pronunciation of his name is based on the Welsh name of King Arthur even though his name in English remains the same.

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