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MeasurementsHeight: 173cm
HairGrey, Long, Mullet, Straight
BodyPale, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Pendant Necklace, Robe, Trousers
PersonalityBoku, Friendly, Hard Worker, Kind
RoleMagician, Non-blood-related Brother, Orphan
Subject ofKidnapping
Visual novelsMain character - SILVER CHAOS
Main character - Silver Chaos Fan Box -Eternal Fantasia-
Voiced byProgress


Adonis is also an orphan who grew up alongside Might, training in the magical arts. When Might was wounded, he cast a powerful demonic spell to save his life, and was taken captive by the demon. Just what consequences does he now face?

[From Boys' Love Games Headquarters]

Other instances

Yuuri Mimoriユーリ=ミモリ
HairShort, Spiky Bangs, White
EyesHosome, Pink
ClothesJacket, Keikogi, Trousers
Subject ofIllness, Injury
Visual novelsProtagonist - Artificial Mermaid -Silver Chaos II-
Voiced byProgress


Yuuri is a beginner just assigned to the LWC. He has a fair and somewhat feminine appearance, and his manner is soft and gentle. He is ill with a strange illness that causes his body to slowly deteriorate if he does not take medicine for it regularly. Since joining the LWC, he has been plagued by a strange recurring dream.