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Ueno Tatsuya

上野 達也

Ueno TatsuyaSafe / Tame (15)
Ueno Tatsuya上野 達也
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Visual novelsProtagonist - Etching App ~Deai-Kei App de Wake Ari Josei to Love Love SEX~


Protagonist of Sarara arc.

A 33-year-old salaryman, exhausted from daily work routine, seeks a change of pace and turns to dating apps in search of a young woman for casual intimacy. He comes across Sarara, hoping to find someone approachable.

However, upon meeting Sarara, who possesses a sophisticated charm and a manipulative smile that alarms him, he feels a sense of danger. Initially planning to end the interaction after a single encounter due to this unease, he unexpectedly finds himself inexplicably drawn to Sarara, despite his initial intentions to keep his distance.