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Kanda Yuuichirou

神田 勇一朗

Kanda YuuichirouSafe / Tame (13)
Kanda Yuuichirou神田 勇一朗
MeasurementsHeight: 173cm
Visual novelsProtagonist - Etching App ~Deai-Kei App de Wake Ari Josei to Love Love SEX~


Protagonist of Love arc.

A 38-year-old salaryman who lacks motivation and is somewhat indifferent at his unfulfilling job. He approaches work casually, driven by pleasure and desires, yet maintains a basic level of common sense.

Feeling mentally exhausted from work, he seeks casual encounters with women and turns to a dating app for this purpose. He encounters Love with whom he shares good compatibility in terms of personality and physical intimacy, leading to them establishing a continuing relationship.