Arufangado Felt


Arufangado Felt
Arufangado Feltアルファンガード・フェルト 
AliasesArun, シェクスピア・ノアール, Shakespeare Noir
MeasurementsHeight: 166cm, Weight: 54kg
Birthday27 July
Hair, Grey, Long
Eyes, Blue
Items, Shotgun
Personality, Mature
Role, Betrothed, Daughter, Mother, Princess
Engages in, Drinking, Infidelity, Revenge
Visual novelsProtagonist - GH1898 Nen ~Tasogare no Haha no Tame no Pavane~
Main character - GH1900 Nen ~Honoo no Katana Nite Seigi o Nasu~
Voiced bySatou Mashiro


Fourth child of the monarch of the sorcery kingdom Felt.
Her child daughter Reiba has gone missing, apparingly kidnapped by unknown forces.
She is on a quest to her rescue.