Edit history of Kisaragi Suzuno

c1351.72015-01-21 at 07:07multiKisaragi SuzunoRemoving deleted traits.
c1351.62014-08-07 at 00:25ferustachiKisaragi SuzunoAdded "Ponytail"
c1351.52014-08-07 at 00:19ferustachiKisaragi SuzunoAdded "Cowgirl" and "Childhood Friend"
c1351.42014-08-06 at 08:15ferustachiKisaragi SuzunoAdded a little to "Description"
c1351.32012-09-02 at 12:50recon39erKisaragi SuzunoSmall errors, no need to make a big deal out of it. "Speaks only drawback??" I really need to play this game.
c1351.22011-07-29 at 20:32nachtwandlerKisaragi SuzunoTrait
c1351.12011-07-29 at 20:20nachtwandlerKisaragi SuzunoSuzuno added