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Nano-Nano Pudding


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Nano-Nano Puddingナノナノ・プディング
MeasurementsHeight: 145cm
Birthday13 August
HairCyan, Short, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs
EyesSlit Pupils, Violet
BodyFurry Tail, Kid, Pale, Slim, Small Breast Sizes
ClothesLeotard, Necktie, Unusual Hair Ornaments
PersonalityCarefree, Energetic, Friendly, Immature
RolePilot, Robot
Engages inFighting, Piloting
Visual novelsMain character - Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira
Main character - Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairou no Kagi
Main character - Galaxy Angel II Eigou Kaiki no Toki
Voiced byAkesaka Satomi


Nano-Nano is a member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the Emblem Frame First Aider.

She is a cheerful, active girl, and always ends her lines with "-nano da!". She considers Vanilla, who found her on planet Femto, as her mother. Because Nano-Nano is made from nanomachines, she can heal other people, just like Vanilla can. Her strongest source of nanomachines is from her tail.

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