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Akutsu Ryouta


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Akutsu Ryouta阿久津亮太
PersonalityKind, Protective
RoleClassmate, Friend, Student
Visual novelsSide character - Eden -Saishuu Sensou Shoujo Densetsu-


A male student attending Minkei Academy and is Ryuu's classmate, he has silver hair and is an Aquarius.
He's interested in Chris Kanu and it seems he would like know more about her. During the investigation, he decided to confess to her, but was unable to.
While Kurisu Kanu was about to be raped by the US soldiers, it seems he had some kind of plan to intervene but <hidden by spoiler settings>
He moves at his own pace and acts the same way toward everyone.
He's logical and likes roundabout explanations. His hobby is observing people.