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Nicola Cepheus


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Nicola Cepheusニコラ・ケフェウス
HairBlond, Long, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs
EyesGreen, Heterochromia, Red, Tsurime
BodyFang, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesCape, Cravat, Gloves, Hair Tie, Ring, School Uniform, Tie Pin
PersonalityBoku, Chuunibyou, Flustered, Friendly, Genre Savvy, Hardworker, Honest, Kind, Talkative
RoleClassmate, Coworker, Croupier, Part-time Worker, Roommate, Vampire
Engages inCosplay
Visual novelsSide character - DRACU-RIOT!
Voiced byAsano Yuzu


A vampire living in the same dorm as Yuuto. He has the chuuni syndrome and loves to cosplay. He works as a dealer in the same casino like Elina.