Yet to Come


Yet to Come
Yet to Comeイェット・トゥー・カム
AliasesGhost of Christmas Yet to Come, 未来のクリスマスの精霊
Personality, Mysterious
Visual novelsMain character - Guilty Crown Lost Christmas


One of three people called "Ghosts", that chase Scrooge and Carol for some reason.

[From Wikipedia.]

<hidden by spoiler settings>Its true identity is revealed to be revealed to be the unborn baby between Scrooge and Carol. In the past, Scrooge and Carol were lovers and were forced to breed with each other in order for Da'ath to create hybrid race. As a result of this, Carol's womb underwent apocalypse crystallization and the baby was neither able to be born or to die, surviving in the form of a 'Void'.

[From TvTropes.]