Hair, Long, Pink, Violet
Eyes, Violet
Role, Extraterrestrial, Mother, Queen Regnant
Engages in (Sexual), Group Sex, Outdoor Sex, Sex in Water, Twin Boobjob
Visual novelsMain character - Cosutte Alien -Yuuwaku no Cosplay H-
Voiced byIida Kuu


Laylia is Larfa’s mother and a space overlord. She looks warm and gentle, speaks slowly and seems rather stupid, making many wonder if she really is an overlord. She has Larfa’s best interests in mind, and tries to help Larfa win over Yuusaku, but her methods are absurd. To make sure he and Larfa have good sex, she tries to teach him the art of sex. She usually wears one of the bracelets too, and halfway through the story, she infiltrates their academy and takes over as their homeroom teacher.