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Freya Schwertleite


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Freya Schwertleiteフレイア=シュヴェルトライテ
AliasesFreya Vanadis (フレイア=ヴァナディース), Freychi, The Seventh Seat (第七席), 白銀の聖剣
MeasurementsB cup
HairAntenna, Shoulder-length, Twin Tails, V Bangs, White
EyesAmber, Tsurime
BodyMagic Tattoo, Olive, Teen
ClothesAnkle Boots, Arm Warmers, Barefoot, Belt, Bikini, Boots, Crop Top, Eyepatch, Jacket, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Necktie, Pantyhose, School Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Sports Jersey, Sports Shoes, Sports Uniform, Wristband
ItemsDual-Wield Weapon, Sword
PersonalityDocile, Holds Grudges, Jealous, Serious, Stubborn, Watashi
RoleFull Sister, Orphan, Teammate, Younger Sister
Engages inBasketball, Disguise, Fighting
Visual novelsProtagonist - Kadenz Fermata//Akkord:Fortissimo
Voiced byKondou Yui


After gaining excellent results, Freya was sent to a SSS-ranked mission as a female "Kisekitsukai". Having been accepted into the "Seventh Chord", she received the title of "The Seventh Seat". Although she was the lowest seat, everyone has high expectations from her. Freya is partnered with Mikoto and Alicia as part of a three-man cell.

During the first war between the mahoutsukai, she had lost her parents and grew up as a war orphan. Ever since then, she bears a deep grudge against all mahoutsukai. Freya has a deep psychology to avoid familial love, since she grew up as a war orphan and mentally depends on herself. Because Julius, her elder brother, had been separated from her all her life, Freya is unsure as to how to approach him.

Freya is skillful in high speed taijutsu and dual-wielding sword combat. Having won many battles without any weapons by constantly training herself, she believed that was her true potential as a tactician who could steadily handle any battles.

[Translated from Getchu]