Edit history of Maki Shiori

c14222.312019-04-11 at 10:34traumatizerMaki Shiorilink
c14222.302017-06-15 at 12:19skorpiondeathMaki Shiorifix
c14222.292016-12-26 at 21:08supertaco512Maki ShioriAdded sexual trait "anal fingering". Appears at the last scene on her route for a brief time.
c14222.282016-02-20 at 16:36guest93Maki Shiorit3314.792
c14222.272016-02-18 at 17:49spawwvyMaki ShioriRefined description
c14222.262016-02-18 at 14:32spawwvyMaki ShioriCorrected Silent to Taciturn
c14222.252016-02-13 at 19:40weilaiMaki Shiori..
c14222.242016-02-13 at 17:57kru11Maki Shioriadded traits
c14222.232015-12-31 at 15:12traumatizerMaki Shiori+2
c14222.222015-10-03 at 09:30guest93Maki ShioriMight be better to pair it with Orphan (as spoiler level)
c14222.212015-10-03 at 09:29guest93Maki Shiori+2 for relations with Nagisa
c14222.202015-10-03 at 09:27guest93Maki ShioriYou can't deny thst she is. And wealthy... correct me if its YMMV
c14222.192015-09-26 at 14:58traumatizerMaki Shiori+5
c14222.182015-09-21 at 02:41alphaqroughMaki ShioriAdded closet pervert trait
c14222.172015-07-23 at 08:41bakaakiMaki Shioriadd traits
c14222.162015-07-23 at 08:20bakaakiMaki Shioriadd traits
c14222.152015-06-19 at 17:36traumatizerMaki Shiorirest of the h-scene traits
c14222.142015-04-22 at 10:30traumatizerMaki Shiorispoilers
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c14222.122015-04-22 at 03:55bakaakiMaki Shioriadd traits
c14222.112015-02-03 at 11:16traumatizerMaki Shiorisome obvious traits
c14222.102015-01-21 at 07:07multiMaki ShioriRemoving deleted traits.
c14222.92014-12-06 at 06:51bakaakiMaki Shioriadd sexual traits
c14222.82014-12-06 at 06:41bakaakiMaki Shioriadd sexual traits
c14222.72014-11-01 at 15:20weilaiMaki Shiori.
c14222.62014-09-13 at 04:22weilaiMaki Shioridesc
c14222.52014-05-10 at 06:46ds1150Maki Shioriforgot trait
c14222.42014-05-10 at 06:41ds1150Maki Shioritraits
c14222.32013-09-24 at 03:01nutellafanMaki ShioriEdited hair colour.
c14222.22013-09-16 at 05:01ds1150Maki Shioritrait
c14222.12013-09-16 at 04:52ds1150Maki Shiorinew