Kaku Konami

賀来 小波

Kaku Konami
Kaku Konami賀来 小波 
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm
Hair, Green, Straight, Twin Tails, V Bangs, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Tanline, Teen
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Collar, Crop Top, Dress, Flower, Gloves, Hair Flower, Hair Tie, Naked Apron, Sandals, String Ribbon Tie
Personality, Hardworker, Low Self-esteem, Serious, Shy, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Coworker, Friend, Part-time Worker
Subject of, Bullying
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Facesitting, Female Ejaculation, Group Sex, Handjob, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex, Sex in Public Places, Tribadism on Penis, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Butterfly, Sitting Sex, Standing Sex
Visual novelsMain character - Kanojo to Ore to, Koisuru Resort ~Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. & Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort W Fan Disc~
Side character - Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
Voiced byMiru


Sango's classmate and friend. They came to the island together in order to find a part-time job. She takes her work seriously and is very focused, but she is a shy girl and finds it difficult to talk to other people. Sometimes she spaces out and gazes into a distance but doesn't reject human contact. Has little self-confidence, and sometimes imagines everything as negative, but she gets her motivation from Sango and they have a very reassuring relationship.