Amasugi Yuusaku

天杉 優作

Amasugi Yuusaku
Amasugi Yuusaku天杉 優作 
AliasesRon DeLite, Henri Duplaisir
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm
Hair, Curtained, No Bangs, Orange, Short
Eyes, Brown, Hosome
Body, Average Height, Pale, Trap, Young-adult
Clothes, Boots, Coat, Gloves, Trousers
Personality, Docile, Emotional, Flustered, Low Self-esteem, Timid
Role, Coworker, Criminal, Criminal Accomplice, Husband, Prisoner, Secret Identity, Shopkeeper, Thief
Engages in, Disguise, Theft
Subject of, Blackmail, Confinement, Delusion
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - Gyakuten Kenji 2
Side character - Gyakuten Saiban 3


Ron DeLite is a flustered and nervous young man that claims to be the infamous Mask☆DeMasque, but according to his wife Desirée DeLite, he is just being delusional. He is a defendant in the Mask☆DeMasque trials.

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Ron is actually the true Mask☆DeMasque, as Luke Atmey pretended to be so in order to escape murder charges.

Ron met his wife Desirée while he was a security guard at KB Security. After saving her from two knife-wielding robbers, the pair married shortly after. Ron's pay, however, was not nearly enough to cover his wife's excessive spending. Worried that she would leave him, he attempted to steal confidential information from his employer in order to support her, but was quickly caught and fired by the company's CEO, Kane Bullard.

Desperate, Ron decided to become a thief, as he could think of no other job in the world allow his wife to continue her spending sprees, although he was all too aware of her strong dislike of criminals. He created a disguise and took on the pseudonym of "Mask☆DeMasque". For his first heist, he stole the Tear of Emanon, and then he quickly dumped his costume in the trash. However, a passing Luke Atmey spotted the costume and soon figured out Mask☆DeMasque's identity. He then began to blackmail Ron into stealing three other precious items for him: the Crown of Bongora, the Left Hand of Hades, and the Portrait of Mejeena.

Atmey's final blackmail letter instructed Ron to go to Bullard's office at KB Security. Ron dressed himself in his Mask☆DeMasque costume and did as he was told, but then Atmey, who was already in the office, knocked him unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Ron found himself alone in the room with Bullard's corpse. He decided to hide Kane Bullard's body in a safe, fearing that he would be accused of murdering the CEO. He then turned himself in as Mask☆DeMasque for the theft of the Kurain Sacred Urn, which Atmey had stolen disguised as Mask☆DeMasque.

Wright soon got his client a not guilty verdict by implicating Luke Atmey as the real Mask☆DeMasque. However, Ron was then accused of Bullard's murder. Only people who worked at KB Security knew how to unlock the safe containing Bullard's body, which cast suspicion on Ron. Eventually, Wright would prove Ron's innocence by correcting his own implication of Atmey as Mask☆DeMasque and re-implicating him as Bullard's killer. Ron, in turn, could not be charged for the Mask☆DeMasque heists by the double jeopardy law, which meant that he was allowed to walk free.

After their ordeal, the DeLites started an organization aiming to help thieves start honest lives; their slogan being: "Cut it out, PLEEEEEEEEASE!" Ironically, they also help thieves by giving them detailed plans for their heists.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Other instances

Kaijin☆Kamen Mask
Kaijin☆Kamen Mask怪人☆仮面マスク
Clothes, Boots, Brooch, Coat, Gloves, Hat, Mask, Trousers
Role, Criminal, Famous, Popular, Thief
Engages in, Theft
Visual novelsSide character - Gyakuten Saiban 3


Mask☆DeMasque is a much sought-after thief who targets "priceless" objects that are extremely valuable. Despite the police's best efforts to increase security, Mask☆DeMasque has eluded them every single time.