Ese Doburoku

絵瀬 土武六

Ese Doburoku
Ese Doburoku絵瀬 土武六 
AliasesDrew Misham, Joseph Monin
Hair, Grey, Moustache, Parted in Middle, Short, Sideburns, Thick Eyebrows
Eyes, Black
Clothes, Suit, Turtleneck Sweater
Personality, Antisocial, Protective, Secretive
Role, Criminal, Divorcee, Father, Hikikomori, Painter
Engages in, Drawing, Painting
Subject of, Homicide
Visual novelsSide character - Gyakuten Saiban 4


Drew Misham was a painter and picture book illustrator. He was a recluse, rarely ever going outside and communicating only through letters, as he couldn't stand modern technology. He is Vera Misham's father.

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He also sold forged paintings on the black market. This life eventually led to his death at the hands of one of his clients, Kristoph Gavin, who left poisoned items at his home to prevent Drew (and his daughter) from talking about him.

Drew Misham was a failing artist. His wife eventually left him to raise their daughter, Vera Misham, alone. Although he was able to make a modest income from his illustration work, it was not enough to give Vera the life he felt she deserved. One day, he discovered that Vera was able to copy his paintings perfectly. He then gave her other paintings to copy, and she could copy those perfectly as well. He sold these forged paintings under his name on the black market.

One day, Kristoph Gavin asked Vera to forge a piece of evidence. However, only Vera was able to meet him in person. Later, Prosecutor Klavier Gavin approached Drew, instructing him to take the stand in a trial. During the trial, Drew testified that the journal page that Phoenix Wright had presented was a fake and that he had made it, not realizing that it would be used as evidence. Astonished at the calmness Wright exhibited as the trial abruptly ended, Drew asked for Wright's name for him to remember. Wright would later be disbarred for presenting illegal evidence.

The Mishams later received a letter from the client who had requested the forgery. It contained $100,000 and a commemorative Troupe Gramarye stamp, which the client instructed that Drew use in a confirmation reply letter. The client also told the Mishams not to speak of what happened again. Drew also found that the client had given Vera a "magic charm" that would protect her from danger, though he never found out what that charm was. Drew sent the expected reply, but he did not use the designated stamp because Vera had grown attached to it. He instead put the stamp in a tiny picture frame. Unbeknownst to Drew, the stamp had been laced with atroquinine, and his intended murder had been delayed by his actions.

Wright later visited Drew's home as a part of his investigation of the case that had gotten him disbarred. Drew told Wright about the life that he had with his daughter, but he was hesitant to talk about the forgery. Nevertheless, Wright was able to figure out that Vera was the true forger. After questioning Vera, Wright left to continue his investigation elsewhere.

Seven years later, Drew grew fearful of Vera's secret charm and wrote a letter to the client, telling him to remove her "magic charm". Unable to find a stamp, he used the Troupe Gramarye stamp on the letter. Later, a reporter came into the house to interview Drew, and Drew succumbed to the atroquinine, leaving traces of it on his coffee mug. This lead investigators to believe that Vera had poisoned the coffee, and thus Vera was held on trial for her father's murder.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]