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Ese Makoto

絵瀬 まこと

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Ese Makoto絵瀬 まこと
AliasesVera Misham, Vera Monin
HairBlue, Blunt Bangs, Long
BodyNail Polish, Pale, Young-adult
ClothesBandanna, Overall, Turtleneck Sweater
PersonalityDistrustful, Naive, Reserved, Shy, Stoic, Taciturn, Timid
RoleDaughter, Half-orphan, Hikikomori, Painter
Engages inDrawing, Painting
Visual novelsSide character - Gyakuten Saiban 4


Vera Misham is the defendant in the murder of her father, Drew Misham. Vera is very shy and withdrawn; Ema Skye described her as "sickly". She had a very closed and simple life before her father's murder and knows very little of the world outside of her home. Vera speaks in fragmented sentences and rarely makes any facial expressions, drawing how she felt on a notepad instead.

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[Taken from her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]