Arumajiki Tensai

或真敷 天斎

Arumajiki Tensai
Arumajiki Tensai或真敷 天斎 
AliasesMagnifi Gramarye, Melchior Grimoire
Hair, Beard, Black, Moustache, Short, Sideburns, White
Body, Adult, Olive
Clothes, Cape, Robe, Top Hat
Items, Handgun, Walking Stick
Personality, Insightful, Secretive
Role, Famous, Father, Grandfather, Mentor, Popular, Psychic
Engages in, Blackmail, Suicide
Subject of, Homicide, Hospitalization, Terminal Illness
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - Gyakuten Saiban 4


Magnifi Gramarye was the founding member of Troupe Gramarye, a group of stage magicians. Magnifi started his professional magic career around 2006. He became wildly popular in his prime, appearing on TV very frequently on many networks. He was said to have ushered in a golden age for stage magic, and his illusions defied imagination and were deemed miraculous. However, Magnifi was hospitalized and was rendered bedridden for about a year. By April 2019, he had less than three months to live.

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His death sparked a chain of events that resulted in the disappearance of Zak Gramarye, a blow to Valant Gramarye's reputation, and the disbarment of Phoenix Wright.

Many aspiring magicians came through his door, but only two had the talent that he desired. These two men were given the stage names "Zak Gramarye" and "Valant Gramarye" and they became his students. Magnifi formed Troupe Gramarye with these students and his daughter, Thalassa Gramarye. In 2016, Troupe Gramarye was rehearsing "Zak and Valant's Quick Draw Shootem", which involved Zak and Valant Gramarye each aiming a prop pistol at Thalassa Gramarye. However, Thalassa was accidentally shot. Magnifi helped to cover the incident for the sake of the Gramarye name. Although he retired after the incident, he began to blackmail his students, who carried on Magnifi's legacy.

Two years after the accident, Magnifi was hospitalized after being diagnosed with liver cancer. Combined with his existing diabetes, he was rendered bedridden for about a year. In his hospital bed, he wrote a letter to each of his disciples, telling them to "shoot, one shot, square in the forehead" with one of the two prop pistols that he would have with him. In reality, this was a test to determine which of the magicians, if any, would inherit the rights to the fundamental trick that served as the basis for all of Magnifi's magic. Magnifi knew that Zak would arrive first, and if Zak killed Magnifi, the rights to the trick would be gone forever. If Zak or Valant failed to shoot, he would fail the test and not inherit the trick.

Zak came first, as expected, while Magnifi was apparently asleep. Because he could not bring himself to kill his mentor, he shot the forehead of a nearby clown doll. Magnifi then informed Zak that this was the right answer. Subsequently, he tore out the last page of his diary and wrote his will, giving Zak all the rights to his magic.

Valant showed up next, intending to shoot Magnifi and frame Zak for the murder, but he could not do it and turned to leave. Magnifi woke up, telling him that he had failed the test, and that he had already given his trick to Zak. After Valant left the room, Magnifi shot himself in the forehead. Valant heard the gunshot and returned. Finding his mentor dead, he decided to frame Zak after all. He manipulated the crime scene to give himself an alibi and to prevent the death from looking like a suicide, which left Zak as the only possible killer.

Zak was subsequently arrested and put on trial, and Valant was set up as a witness. Zak rejected Kristoph Gavin as his attorney and chose Phoenix Wright instead. Furious, Kristoph decided to seek revenge. He planted a fake page from Magnifi's diary (which he had intended to use as Zak's attorney) onto Wright and told his brother, Klavier Gavin, who was to prosecute, of the fake evidence that Wright was going to present. During the trial, Wright presented the diary page, not knowing that it was forged, and Klavier revealed the fraud for what it was. However, before the judge could give his verdict, Zak disappeared from the courtroom. Wright was later stripped of his lawyer badge.

Wright nevertheless continued his investigation of Magnifi's murder. Wright's cross-examination of Valant had indicated that Valant was probably the real killer, which turned Wright and the public against him. Only after seven years did Wright finally hear from Valant what had really happened to Magnifi.

Magnifi's magic was possible due to an innovative fundamental trick. This trick was considered his property, and the rights to this trick was the basis behind the test that he had devised for his students before his death. In addition to this, he had an extraordinary innate sense of perception, which he used in his magic shows to read subtle body movements in his audience and manipulate this information for his purposes. He also used this to beat Zak in poker, being the only person to do so other than Phoenix Wright. This trait is hereditary, so his daughter Thalassa, as well as her children Trucy Wright and Apollo Justice, also possess this ability.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]