Deid Mann

ディード マン

Deid Mann
Deid Mannディード マン 
Hair, Brown, Moustache, Short
Eyes, Green
Body, Adult, Pale
Clothes, Necktie, Suit
Role, Civil Servant, Foreigner
Subject of, Homicide
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - Gyakuten Kenji


Deid Mann was the victim in the second KG-8 incident. He was a staff member of the Cohdopian Embassy in the United States.

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Quercus Alba, Cohdopia's ambassador to the United States, was the leader of the smuggling ring, and he saw Mann as a threat once he submitted himself as a witness to the embassy's smuggling activities. In addition to this, the Yatagarasu had stolen a special key from the embassy and was closing in on its target, the mastermind of the ring. Alba tasked one of his agents, who was spying on the Yatagarasu as a mole, to neutralize both of these threats. To this end, "Calisto Yew", as the agent called herself, hired a hitman, Mack Rell, to kill Mann. However, he was caught on camera, and promptly arrested.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]