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Akaishi Aoi

赤石 葵

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Akaishi Aoi赤石 葵
AliasesKa-Shi Nou, Mask☆DeMasque II
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm
HairBlack, Short
BodyOlive, Overweight, Young-adult
ClothesBoots, Coat, Hat, Trousers
Engages inDisguise
Subject ofHomicide
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - Gyakuten Kenji


Ka-Shi Nou was one of the victims in the double murder at the Cohdopian Embassy. He was the self-declared Mask☆DeMasque II, dressing the same as the original, buying one of the widespread copycat outfits. However, he bears no relation to the real Mask☆DeMasque.

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[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]