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Sasthi Vikernes


Sasthi Vikernesシャスティ・ヴィカネス
AliasesGolden Rose princess
MeasurementsHeight: 166cm, Weight: 47kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 96-60-93cm, G cup
HairBlond, Intake, Parted to Side, Ringlet, Sidehair, Waist Length+, Wavy
EyesGreen, Hosome
BodyAverage Height, Big Ass, Huge Breasts, Pale, Young-adult
ClothesAnkle Socks, Bra, Bracer, Cape, Circlet, Cravat, Crotchless Panties, Dress, Gloves, Greave, Knee-high Boots, Lace Band Thigh-high Stockings, Lace Garter Belt Stockings, Lace Lingerie, Latex, Latex Long Gloves, Latex Thigh-high Boots, Miniskirt, Naked Apron, Open Cup Bra, Plate Armor, Pleated Skirt, School Uniform, Slave Collar, Spaulders, Sport Bloomers, Sports Shoes, Sports Swimsuit, Strapless Dress, T-shirt, Thigh-high Stockings, Torn Pantyhose (damaged)
RolePrincess, Student
Engages inFencing
Subject ofBlackmail
Visual novelsMain character - Gakuen 3 ~Karei Naru Etsujoku~
Voiced byNakase Hina


The daughter of the king and princess of the kingdom where the school is located.
A gorgeous blonde beauty, she is one year the protagonist senior, and a memeber of the fencing club.

Serious, courteous, and righteous person who values justice. The she she stands and acts is always full of grace.
She also has the integrity of a knight, and her abilities in martial arts allows her to spar with large men on equal or greater level.
Altough she seemingly treats the protaganist neutrally, she can sense his evil.

Sasthi is the most developed of the heroines, boasting a very plump and distracting body.
Her breasts are her sexual zones, and the power of the protagonist's semen maker her spout breast milk.